Falcons Fly-In July 2018

Very nice Stampe from the Blackdown club.

Dynam Twin Grand Cruiser

Dinner Time

Steve' scale heli

Ian's electric scale Lancaster

Steve's 1/3 scale Mick Reeves Camel - 2011

Falcons 2018

Simon's Volantex Ranger 757-3 First Person View. 1980mm wingspan. Flight control and On Screen Display (OSD) provided by Cyclops Storm.

View of the Lumenier video transmitter on the tail boom.

GPS sensor on top of the cockpit. Fatshark 900TVL CCD First Person View camera on the nose. Second video transmitter on the side of the cockpit to transmit video from the Gitup Git 2 action camera underneath the nose.

Gitup Git 2 action camera mounted underneath the nose on a Banggood 2-axis stabilised gimbal.

Falcons Fly-In July 2017

25cc powered Bristol Bulldog, Flown by Brian Tee from Blackdown Club

Denzel's turbine powered F16 off on its first flight.

Feisher Storch as flown by the Blackdown club.


De Havilland Beaver.


Colin's Drone at Abbey Hill Steam Fair April 2017

Mark Brown Vampire

George Fish Helicopter

Falcons Present

Falcons Past

HobbyKing Go Discover FPV with Cyclops Storm Flight Controller and On Screen Display

FinWing Penguin V2 FPV with Eagle Tree Vector Flight Controller and On Screen Display.